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    News and Views

    December 6, 2016, a delegation from Southern California Eathquake Center (SCEC) and United States Geology Survey (USGS) visited IGPCEA. Prof. T. H. Jordan, Director of  SCEC, and Prof. J. McRaney, Deputy Director of SCEC gave a brief introduction on background,development, scientific condition, dicipline construction and current management of SCEC. 
    Prof. T. H. Jordan, Prof. G. Beroza and Prof. W. D. Mooney made speeches on Recent Advances in Earthquake Forecasting, Mining Seismic Wavefields,and China-US Cooperative Study of Volcano Hazards.
    After the lecture, bilateral discussion was held by Prof. Qiao Sen, Deputy Director of IGPCEA. Experts from IGPCEA and E-Institute of CEA attended. Ideas about operation and development of CN CSEP Testing Center were exchanged during the discussion.

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